Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

Retina cases from meeting 2018

David Kinshuck

Notes 2018

  • Pcr in infectious uveitis..paper
  • toxo aAbout 50% positive

Pimary intraocular lymphoma 

  • Severe vasculitis or hypopyon quiet eye = malig
  • Speckled retina,subretinal information
  • Biopsy 
  • Vit or chorioret, use vitreous only in heavily involved, biopsy otherwise 

Case 1

  • Leaky laser, and should laser around, slight leak,osardex, stopped leaking. No injections till lasered as wont,did not work.

Case 2  60y

  • well
  • Previous chemotherapy 
  • Retinal lesion , Choroidal leaking, dd mass, inflammatory, blood tests ok,1 mm no melanoma, was stable 2 y, melanoma unlikely as no change 2y
  • .? Solitary choroidal granuloma, idiopathic 
    ? Trial of steroid in all tests negative 

Case 3 age 13y

  • Perpheral vasculitis, dilated capillaries telangectasias,, macroaneurysm like light bulbs, capillaries none perfusion, idiopathic retinal telangectasias 
  • Coats, faciscapulo humeral dystrophy , incontinentias, ret cap haemoangioma, retcavernous haemoangioma 
  • Fsh cant blow, cant comb hair, in family,

Case 4 43y

  • Left peripheral retinal haemorrhage 
  • Got worse
    Large lumpy with surrounding haemorrhage, trd, erm
  • Bscan irregular mass, dragged vessel
  • Ffa widespread vasculitis, peripheral none perfusion 
  • Other eye peripheral 
  • High internal reflectivity ...vascular tumour 
  • underlying inflammatory tumour with vasculititic response
  • Later developed vitritis, 

Case 5

  • Large macular hole and bests, surgery
  • Press angiob button left octa rectangle 

Case 6 11y

  • struggling at school 
  • Bests, srf, ? Wet, eyelea 
  • Seemed to work 
  • Can occur age 6
  • Needed general anaesthetic 
  • Oral flouresein vhl

Case 7 28y

  • Pit and srf

Case 8 49y

  • 'Droplets on window 2 m
  • Pit and srf

Case 9 55y

  • Progressive night blindness
  • Worse sight left, shallow srf, Chronic csr..choroidal thickness +++++
  • Even nasal spray, ? Ginsing
  • Treatment pdt Half fluence
  • Epipherone disappointing ..... 6-9 m ....
  • Autofluouresense lower both halves each eye...bilateral chronic csr
  • Autofluouresense in csr REMEMBER
  • Use icg guided pdt
  • Loss or circadian rhythm, treat sleep apneoa ? Melatonin