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Mac Tel
('parafoveal telangiectasia')   

David Kinshuck

Mac Tel Type 1

Mac Tel type 1 was previously termed 'parafoveal telangiectasia'

Mac Tel Type 2


These is a type of retinal degeneration with loss of Mueller cells "abnormal vessels, pigment plaques, retinal crystals, foveal atrophy and intraretinal cavities associated with this disorder." Wikipedia        photos.      Vision Retina17

Leakage and CNV (a type of wet macular degeneration) may develop. Surv 13

parafoveal telangiectasiaOCT scans...2 scans throught the same eye, showing oedema in the foveal area. HbA1c was 5.9%. There has been no change over a year. Good vision (6/9). Other eye not affected. Enlarge  Cavitation shown here  (and ILM drape not shown) are features


Mac Tel Type III

  • occlusive
  • rare