Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

Ocular hypotony

David Kinshuck



  • Hypotony in a child after trauma can be treated with 6 weeks of atropine eye drops.
  • Surgery is needed in persistent cases in

Ciliary body shutdown

  • Acute
  • Retinal detachment....hypotony delayed


  • Cyclodialysis clefts can be missed,
  • variable ac depth
  • Usually recessed angle and pas
  • But angle can look normal a year later

Persisting hypotony

  • Bowman's folds..iop less than. 6
  • Fluctuating iop..
  • Measure after gonio...iop goes much lower
  • may have lens subluxation, swollen disc
  • Gonio...child genral anaesthetic
  • vicoelastic shows cleft
  • Atropine tid cryo,laser  
  • High iop after surgery expected
  • Can recover
  • ...maculopathy affects vision