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Glaucoma case 11,
low tension glaucoma

David Kinshuck





  • 2011 age 67, female, new referral ? Glaucoma; smokes
  • Full field, pressure 10 right 10 left, no treatment given
  • 2012 new field defect as below, Xalatan drops begun
  • Is the smoking relevant? Strong advice to stop given (DK believes smoking contributes significantly.)

2011, full visual field, no tgreatment. Over the next 10 months a left field defect developed

2011, full visual field, no treatment. Over the next 10 months field defects developed. The pressure was normal. The loss of field is due to low tension glaucoma. enlarge

these field defects deveoped over a year despite a low pressure

2012, these visual field defects developed (arrows)

do the arrows indicate disc changes?

The right field defect fits in with the thin rim superorly (black arrow). The left field defect fits in with the left defect (blue arrow). But I am not sure if the fields 'fit' with the discs completely.

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