Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

Glaucoma case 10          

David Kinshuck


  • age 76, female, 8y chronic open angle glaucoma
  • despite good pressure control left visual field has continued to deteriorate
  • this is unusual...good control usually prevents deterioratioin. The cause of the increasing visaul field loss has not been found.
  • on presentation there was full visual field left eye, now 8 years later, the left field is worse
  • pressures were controlled 16, a little higher than ideal
  • ideal pressure for this patient with deteriorating field =<11
  • Patient is using the maximum drops safe ...latanoprost night and brinzolamide three times/day
  • Patient has not been well enough for trabeculectomy. At this stage there is a choice...accept continuing deerioration or trabeculectomy with mitomycin aiming for a pressure of 10

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