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Is the arcuate scotoma or the cupping due to Glaucoma?

David Kinshuck


Arcuate scotoma.....disc and field must match

If there is an arcuate scotoma there must be a notch. No notch, suspect not glaucoma. Here are the other causes of an arcuate scotomas.

  • Prelaminar
    • optic disc drusen
    • papilloedema (eg BIH/IIH)
  • laminar
    • ION..ischaemic optic neuropathy, +/- artereritic
  • optic canal
    • infiltrative, meningioma, demyelination, inflammatory mass
  • intracanalicular
    • carotid... ectatic or aneurysm

Generally an MRI will be helpful....contrast, fat suppression, T1.  This is well reviewed by Trobe.

  • if there is a notch...87% chance glaucoma
  • if the rim is pale.....90% NOT glaucoma

To assess

  1. Vision reduced ...not glaucoma. In good until late
  2. Colour vision reduced... not glaucoma. Test wish Ischiara or a simple red target.
  3. RAPD  test...if there is a defect, glaucoma unlikely
  4. pale disc...not glaucoma as above
  5. symptoms..not glaucoma. Generally glaucoma is assymptomatic.
  6. field and discs correspond...= glaucoma (as above)