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Choroidal haemangiomas and other vascular tumours of retina

David Kinshuck

  • choroidal haemanigiomas
  • cavernous haemangioblastomas



Not covered

  • Sturge Weber (Link and here)
  • retinal haemoangioblastomas (50% VHL)
  • retinal racemose haemangiomas
  • retinal vasoproliferative tumours
    • primary..older pt, exudate, yellow brown
    • secondary...intermediate uveitis, RP, Coats, FEVR, NF1, JXG, IRVAN, blood pressure, Facioscap humeral dystrophy,, Kabuki,others
  • (congenital retinal macrovessel..not proliferative)

Choroidal haemangiomas

  • orange red mass, can eventually lead to retinal detachment or CSR
  • raised
  • plaque radiotherapy may help, or PDT laser

Cavernous haemangioblastomas

  • like a cluster of grapes may affect skin


  • see
  • peripheral renal miliary aneurysms, with none perfused reitina
  • later..retinal detachment
  • stages
    1. telangiectasia
    2. t + exudate
    3. T+E+SRF
    4. T+E+SRF+G
    5. Phythsis